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Class III Glove Box

Germfree is internationally recognized as a leading manufacturer of Class III Biological Safety Cabinets. Their Class III Gloveboxes provide containment for diverse research and development applications in the most advanced BSL-3 and BSL-4 laboratories.They are engineered to exceedingly rigorous standards for work that involves dangerous pathogens or unknown agents. Germfree also specialize in the custom integration of all laboratory components within our Class III cabinets.

SEA-III Gloveboxes

  • Germfree’s SEA-III BSC provides a practical approach to integrating Class III BSC protection into your existing lab. This Class III Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) is the most cost-effective unit available, opening new options for the traditional microbiology laboratory. Designed with the operator in mind, ergonomic considerations promote natural arm position, extend reach and reduce fatigue. The SEA-III makes efficient use of space and is easily cleaned and decontaminated. When lab space is at a premium, SEA-III is a sensible, cost effective solution for providing protection.


Aerobiology Laboratories

  • Germfree is the industry leader for Class III BSC systems built around aerosol generators used in aerobiological studies. Innovative designs using Rapid Transfer Port equipped transfer carts and Class III cabinets insure safety for personnel and research animals while greatly improving productivity and research animal welfare. Germfree has working relations with all major aerosol generator manufacturers. Standard cabinet platforms can be modified to exacting specifications. Throughout the entire process, from concept to completion, Germfree facilitates every aspect of your project.


Class III Biological Safety Cabinets for Portable Applications

  • Germfree designs, engineers and manufactures complete Class III Biological Safety Cabinets for portable applications. These Class III Portable Gloveboxes are a complete package. The components and options have been developed, tested and field-proven with over 300 units in mobile lab operations.  The exhaust air filtration system is available with HEPA or HEPA/Carbon (MIL Spec is available) filtration for either biological or chemical/biological hazards.The standard Class III Portable BSC was developed by the U.S. Army specifically for handling Weapons of Mass destruction (WMD). Germfree's units are portable, transportable, rugged and is ideally suited for first responders.


Mobile Laboratoratories

  • Germfree's truck labs represent the ultimate mobile laboratory solution.  Completely self-contained and self-sustaining, truck labs can go to more places and stay there longer allowing for larger scale on-site operations with the added benefit of mobility. Truck labs are also typically equipped with slide-outs, yielding more usable lab space once in place. Besides providing ample space and capabilities for up to BSL-3 operations, they can also be used as completely self-contained and self-sustaining mobile labs. These large truck laboratories are useful for sending complete laboratory facilities to remote areas where fixed based labs are not available.


Modular Laboratories

  • Germfree Modular Labs are used globally to support the wide range of operations traditionally carried out in conventional buildings. These labs provide effective solutions when alternatives to conventional laboratory structures are required. The Modular Labs enhance or expand existing capabilities, allow faster deployment, maximum flexibility of operations and deliver heightened levels of bio-containment (up to BSL-3). Germfree’s innovative modular solutions also bring high containment facilities to any region, including areas where resources or infrastructure previously did not support these labs. They are the only manufacturer in the world that designs, engineers, and manufactures all critical primary and secondary containment equipment installed in the lab.
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