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Life Science


ChirascanTM Circular Dichroism Spectrometer

 ChirascanTM is a modern, high performance circular dichroism(CD) spectrometer and thus      a fast , sensitive, direct probe of the secondary structure, or conformation, of bio-molecules.

Chirascan™ is the next generation circular dichroism spectrometer, utilising the Applied Photophysics unique dual polarising prism monochromator. Light throughput is optimised such that the available wavelength bandwidth gives excellent far-UV performance and minimises sample requirement. The modern design of Chirascan™ incorporates individually sealed compartments so that nitrogen purging is rapid with minimal consumption. Chirascan™ is best in class for performance and cost of ownership


  • Detailed structure analysis of biomolecules (proteins, RNA, DNA)
  • Outstanding sensitivity delivers accurate, precise, quick results
  • Powerful software for easy set-up, display and analysis
  • Complete set of accessories maximizes scope of applications
  • Low usage of consumables minimizes cost of ownership

Some of our ChirascanTM applications


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