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General Laboratory



Safety Gas Burner


Self explanatory graphic display


  • Automatic recognition of Touch free IR sensor, foot pedal, button
  • Extremely space saving streamline design reduces the disturbance of the air current
  • Flame precise regulated by dual knob adjustment of gas & airflow


Top of line Safety

  • Fabricated entirely of stainless steel with fireproof control and display, protected by heat resistant glass
  • Safety Control System ( SCS) constantly analyses potentil hazards
  • Removable burner head with burner head control detects burner head clogging
  • Residual head display protects against burns
  • Automatic cut-off function prevents unintentional ignition of flame when the burner has not been ignited for a long period of time
  • Zero pressure shut off
  • Ability to function as a temperature control station
  • Can be operated with stationary natural gas and propane/butane gas suppliers, cartridge gas or gas cylinders
  • Wireless radio foot pedal and battery operated version available
  • Autoloop Pro option Carousel for up to 4 inoculation loops.
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